Hakosuka Skyline GT-R @ Fuji Speedway

2.0-liter DOHC S20 inline-six

"One last video for the weekend. Here’s an old Best Motoring clip of Nissan factory racing legend Motoharu “Gan-san” Kurosawa tearing around Fuji Speedway in a GC spec hakosuka GT-R. The engine sounds are pure auditory sex, and it’s interesting to hear the then-63-year-old Gan-san bemoan how modern tires don’t suit this car because of their high grip." [JNC]

1970's vid:

Vintage Skyline 50th Victory @ Fuji Speedway in the pouring rain:

"Even in modern cars, we sometimes still turn into little old ladies when driving in a torrential downpour. But in round one of the 1972 Grand Champion Series, competitors in vintage J-tin had to race through a water-drenched Fuji Speedway. At full throttle. While contending for position. With none of the ABS, ESC, AWD or the decades of tire and suspension technology that have come since. Of course, this was the historic race in which the Nissan Skyline GT-R took its monumental 50th victory. Truly epic viewing." [JNC]

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