FULL THROTTLE: Papa-chan’s 10,000rpm AE86 drifter

"Car: 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno
Engine: 1600cc 4A-G 20V Blacktop
Power: 190hp
Engine work: SP-TEC intake funnel, In 304/Ex 288 Toda camshafts, Toda valvesprings, AE101 conrods, Toda 82φ forged pistons, NNC’s Takumi’s SPL exhaust manifold, Run Free muffler
Cooling: Trust 22-row oil cooler, Koyo radiator, custom radiator water spray system
Ignition: SP-TEC distributor relocation, FREEDOM computer
Transmission: T50 gearbox, 4.3 or 4.5 final gear
Suspension: Triax Technical Koni-based custom dampers, TRD lower arms, custom control arms, custom lateral rod, Cusco caster rods, Muscle Bear SPL knuckles
Brakes: Normal with Endless pads
Wheels: Work Meister S1 15×9J -25 offset
Tires: Toyo R1R front, Advan Neova rear
Body: Muscle Bear one-off front strut top tower bar, gusset welded and pop-riveted, seven-point rollcage
Exterior: K & L JAPAN GOOD LINE front aero, bonnet and bumper canard, RUN FREE front fender, unknown side skirts, RUN FREE rear hatch, Mercury rear carbon diffuser, polycarbonate windows, EC Works mirrors
Interior: Omori tacho, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure gauges, one-off laser-cut meter panel (Tomo’s day-job is running a million-dollar industrial laser-cutting machine), KTS steering wheel, quick-release hub, Recaro SP-G seat, Juran seat rail, Sabelt harness" [Source]

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damn that is so sickkkk

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