R34 V-Spec - White on White

"This white beauty is for sale over at Global Auto for 4,780,000 yen or very close to $52,000. It’s a 1999 V-spec with approximately 33,400 km. The usual Nismo pieces decorate the exterior. This car pulls off the wingless look very nicely and along with the white on white combo, makes the car look very clean.

18×10.5 +12 TE37s with 265/35/18 Potenza RE01Rs. 6-pot Endless BBK with 370 mm rotors in front... 4-pot with 332 mm rotors in the rear.

HKS 2.8 L stroker kit with a HKS 51R turbo that is making around 700 whp." [Source: The Ku Cars]

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